UK Luxury Fake Omega De Ville 431. Watch For Men

Compared with 18k gold watches, 18k red gold watches are cheaper and more durable. In the following, you will see 1:1 best replica Omega De Ville 431. watch made from polished 18k red gold.

The silvery dial fake watch has a date window.

Fake Omega De Ville 431. Watch With Date Window

The case, bezel, crown, lugs and nine-piece links bracelet all apply polished 18k red gold. In hot days, such a wrist watch with metal bracelet can give the wearers cool wearing feeling. Of course, if you prefer leather strap watch, you can choose reference 431. that is matched with a brown alligator leather strap.

The 18k red gold fake watch is designed for men.

Fake Omega De Ville 431. Watch With Roman Numerals

Besides, this perfect copy Omega watch in 41mm features a silvery dial with 18k red gold Roman numerals decorated with bright cutting diamonds, 18k red gold hands and a date window at 3 o’clock. For one thing, these diamonds add charm to the male watch. For the other thing, it is easy and clear to read the time.

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