Replica Omega CK2129 Watch In ‘Dunkirk’ Film & Omega’s Role In World War II

Omega and the Film Dunkirk

Director Christopher Nolan’s attention to detail is legendary, and his latest movie, Dunkirk, has got Omega replica watches UK lovers all up and excited. In the movie, Tom Hardy, who plays an RAF pilot, is seen periodically referencing his watch. Eagle-eyed watch lovers, like myself, have identified that watch as an Omega. Specifically, the watch in question is the Omega CK2129, and here is the story behind it.

For readers who are unfamiliar with the 2017 film Dunkirk that is currently enjoying much success in theaters, it tells the story of the Dunkirk evacuation during the Second World War. Dunkirk is the name of a beach in France where Allied Forces were trapped and cornered by the Germans in 1940.

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An important tool to soldier

Reliable timekeeping was an important aspect of warfare, and so watches were incredibly important tools. They were particularly important to pilots, who relied on watches for navigation. And in Dunkirk, we see Hardy’s character depending heavily on his watch, which played an important role in the film. [SPOILER ALERT] It’s not really a spoiler, but the watch’s most pivotal role (and perhaps the clearest shot of it) is when his fuel gauge gets damaged, he asks the other pilot for a fuel reading, and scribbles it along with the time on the plane’s dashboard.

The watch chosen for Hardy’s character was the Omega CK2129. The choice was apt because Omega reportedly supplied about half of all watches used by the British RAF. In addition, the Omega CK2129 was the most commonly worn Omega watch by RAF personnel in the Second World War. In total, it is estimated that Omega delivered over 110,000 watches to the British Ministry of Defense to support its troops during the Second World War.

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The origins of the Omega CK2129 replica watches UK came about in January 1940, shortly after the start of WW2. It was then that the British RAF decided it needed watches with rotating bezels and asked Omega to make 2,000 such watches. With rotating bezels, pilots could make calculations and time events more easily and accurately. The Omega CK2129 watch was eventually delivered in March of the same year.

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