Fake Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Series Diving Watches UK

Got some new readers review material from Alan a reader of mine that if I remember correctly was quite active in his search for good quality replica watches a while back.Thank you for putting the time and effort into giving me and my readers feedback on your purchase Alan and glad I could help guide you in getting a good quality Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Replica Watches. Alan bought the watch from a website I never actually went for but it looks like he found good quality.


Omega Replica Watches UK.

Watch looks good, quality seems to be there and the overall feel is of a solid piece. Good rose gold and rubber band combination look good thought the original only comes with Leather Strap Omega Fake Watches UK for the rose gold version. Also the 3 o’clock chronograph is marked differently than the original and the date should be white on black not black on white.


Gold dial Omega replica watches UK.

However, the watch looks good out of the pics you sent me and it’s comparable with my Omega Copy Seamaster Planet Ocean Diving Watches which is a closer clone in my opinion. Thanks again for the feedback and I’ll take a closer look into the website you got this piece from to see what I can find that tickles my senses. Here are some more pics Alan attached to his e-mail, enjoy.

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