Fake Omega Seamaster 300 Spectre Limited Edition James Bond Watches UK

With Spectre, the latest entry into the James Bond catalog, just over the horizon, Omega has launched a rather cool limited edition by way of the Omega replica Seamaster 300 Spectre Limited Edition James Bond watches. After spending a few moments with a production model at the Omega boutique in Vancouver, we figured it wouldn’t hurt to share some hands on impressions.


Black dial Omega fake watches UK.

The bezel is the functional change for the limited edition, where Omega has opted for a bi-directional 12-hour bezel. While I think the dive bezel of the standard model is more appropriate for a Seamaster, the 12-hour bezel perfectly matches the ethos of Bond, who travels far more than he dives. The ceramic bezel uses a Liquidmetal scale, and its functionality is uncomplicated, simple, and rather powerful, not unlike Bond.

Omega copy twelve-hour bezels watches are seeing something of a comeback, and I couldn’t be more supportive of this trend; it’s a useful “complication” that doesn’t add any specific cost or complexity to a sports watch.


Limited edition Omega replica watches UK.

The other changes are on the dial where the stock spear-tipped seconds hand has been swapped for a lollipop hand that appears nearly white in most light. The Omega Seamaster 300 Spectre Limited Edition also hosts a larger logo, brand, and model indication on the dial and deletes the “12” marker seen on the standard Omega fake watches UK While I prefer the original logo and “12” marker, the lollipop seconds hand looks really cool.
Functionality is the same as the Seamaster 300, with the Omega Seamaster 300 Spectre Limited Edition rocking Omega’s Master Co-Axial 8400, 300m water resistance with a screw down crown, and a domed sapphire crystal with an internal anti-reflective coating.

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