Fake Omega Master Chronometer Series Watches UK

Fake Omega Master Chronometer Series Watches are not only represents the omega brand memorable milestone, the more the quality of the watch industry has set a new standard.Open the new era of wrist watch exquisite production techniques, omega hand in hand to the Swiss federal metrology institute (METAS) share the birth of the world’s first to reaches observatory table certification, inspection processes and results.


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In 2014, Blue Dial Omega Constellation Series Replica Watches and the Swiss federal metrology institute (METAS) announced that the two sides will jointly launched a new wristwatch certification program, in order to realize the accuracy and performance testing and certification of new breakthrough. A year later, the certification program has gradually mature. In the omega headquarters set up a new METAS lab, Omega Constellation series and bully watches became to realize “Master Chronometer” rating the first wrist watch.


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The Swiss federal metrology institute has always been to create a new “Omega Master Chronometer” certification of important cooperation partner. Conference, the Swiss federal institute of competent Christian Dr. Bork illustrates the important role of the Swiss Leather Strap Omega Copy Watches federal metrology institutes, and reiterated the concept of trust. “Trust is the core of the Swiss federal metrology institutes work. We are a government agency, is the center of Switzerland all measurement work units and unit of leadership.

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