Fake Omega Coaxial Machinal Movemnt Seamaster Series Watches UK

The design of the 8500 type Omega Coaxial Machinal Movement Replica Watches UK completely from scratch.For decades and the traditional machine design, the design of an unprecedented attempt.

Design of vibration frequency up to 220752000 times a year escapement system, is a tough challenge.Any effects of the distribution of gravity and the friction resistance, will greatly affect the accuracy of movement and service life.As a result, the traditional machine core almost didn’t make any add decoration.


Stainless steel Omega fake watches.

However, coaxial escapement unique design, low friction has triggered a new possibility.Omega engineers developed a unique black matte is decorated, with a unique screw, balance the balance wheel and spring box design.

Article 8500 type machine adopts link double box, can ensure more stable transmission.With 60 hours power storage, 39 jewel bearing.The automatic chain on the device, with brass and tungsten bimetallic put tuo, can make double chain, effectively reduce the time on the chain.Finally, all obvious splint and oscillator, decorated the unique style of Arab ripple in Geneva.


Black dial Omega seamaster copy watches.

OEMGA: 8500 is the first home based automatic core OMEGA for 30 years, in 2007 the first assembly in Omega Seamaster Series Fake Watches. Coaxial escapement technology, observatory, 202 components, two-way chain, double box, 60 hours, across the rickety bridge, no card of silicon crystal balance spring, four arm farmar pendulum.

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