Fake Omega Black Dial Watches For UK Sale

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Thought on January 19, 2015, to fit the third anniversary of the whole to make Fake Omega Watches UK, but years ago very busy, in the field can’t recording measurement error, can simplify the measurement for a while.


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In October 2011, Omega Coaxial Movement Replica Watches escapement inventor George Daniels, came across to his introduction, let I began to understand coaxial escapement. This caused the purchase of a coaxial escapement movement wrist watch. My this AT8500 Golf order on January 12, 2012, 19, the arrival of the goods, has been three years ago.


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So in January 19, 2015, I took his watch to the Beijing time, 49 seconds slower than Beijing time, 2 months, 2 years I never adjust time, never through specific directions to balance the error, I’ve been with so.In the evening, I hand winding 60 laps, ensure full power, then the watch with Beijing time synchronization, to post now, 6 days, 4 seconds time with Beijing time error is slower, also is in the state of full string, slow 0.67 seconds a day.

Please don’t forget, Omega AT8500 Copy Watches, have both day and night, for me, running for 3 years and 6 days, which is 95212800 seconds, currently running accuracy, and just get started three years ago when there is no difference.

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