Fake New Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X Series Watches For UK Sale

Designed for space adventurers and explorers, the new Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 replica watches, was unveiled last April during the presentation of the second solar-powered airplane developed for the Solar Impulse project.


Black dial Omega replica watches UK.

As one of Solar Impulse’s Main Partners, Omega is playing an important role in this venture providing both capital support and key technologies including a lighter, more efficient landing light system, an upgraded, lightweight version of the Omega Instrument (indicating the degree of inclination of the airplane) and an energy dispatcher which transfers energy from one engine to another in the event one experiences an energy deficiency.

The Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33  is part of the Omega Speedmaster series fake watches but with many distinctive features, the first being a high-end quartz movement produced by ETA exclusively for Omega and supporting analog and digital displays.


Stainless steel replica Omega watches UK.

The black dial Omega replica watches UK, with white indexes and hour markers, has a central opening allowing the wearer to read the displayed digital elements such as the hour, minute and seconds of up to three different time zones, three alarms, chronograph and countdown functions, and  a perpetual calendar with day, date, month, year and week number indications.

The additional mission elapsed time (MET) and phase elapsed time (PET) functions remind that this watch was prepared for space explorations. In fact, the Skywalker X-33 has already been approved by the ESA (European Space Agency) for use in space and on the International Space Station.

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