Exclusive Gold Of Perfect Omega Replica Watches UK Online

In the past few centuries, alchemy has always been the most attractive mysterious technology. In order to produce more stable and bright colored gold, some powerful watch and jewellery companies have begun to invest heavily in developing new formulas for colored gold independently. While Omega is one of the leading brands in this innovative trend.

Canopus 18K gold

The slender Roman numerals hour markers look very charming.

Canopus 18K Gold Case Copy Omega

In 2018, Omega launched the Canopus 18K gold. Traditional white gold looks dim while the innovative Canopus 18K gold presents pure white appearance and the color can last long. The scratching on the surface of the Omega copy with mother-of-pearl dial can be repaired at any time by polishing.

Moonshine 18K gold

The burgundy bezel makes the timepiece more charming.

Burgundy Bezel Copy Omega Speedmaster

Last year, Omega launched the Moonshine 18K gold. Omega brings together the metallurgists, experts and scientists from the Swatch Group to study the mixing ratio of the gold, copper, silver and palladium to create an alloy with a a bright moonlight hue. The Moonshine gold case and bracelet endow the timepiece with retro style.

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